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Introduction To Human Development And Family Studies

RRP $244.99

Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies is the first text to introduce human development and family studies (HDFS) as inextricably linked areas of study, giving students a complex yet realistic view of individuals and families. Pioneers of research paradigms have acknowledged that the family is one setting in which human development occurs. Moreover, in many academic programs, the lines of these two disciplines blur and much work is inherently multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. This book helps to fortify an understanding of HDFS and subareas within it.

Vignettes from current HDFS students as well as new professionals, an overview of the lifespan stage(s) within the family context, a wide description of research methods and applications, current policy issues relevant to the area, and discussions of practice/careers coupled with strategies for pursuing specializations or careers in the area are hallmarks of this textbook. Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies is essential reading for students new to the major and minor wanting to know:

  • what is human development and family studies?,
  • who are the people involved in human development and family studies?,
  • why is human development and family studies important?,
  • how does theory and research inform work in human development and family studies?,
  • what the pursuit of being an ethical professional requires?,
  • what are the key areas in human development and family studies?

Incredibly user-friendly both on the page and online, the text also features the following resources:

  • Chapter Summaries where the main points of each chapter are pinpointed at the end of every chapter for review and study.
  • Key Terms listed and defined within the margins of every chapter, a complete Glossary at the end of the text, and Flashcards online for additional review and study.
  • Challenge: Integration sections at the end of each chapter that underscore concepts from the chapter and draws connections between content presented in other chapters.
  • Journal Questions to encourage reflection about the content and encourage thinking about some of the content coupled with students' own experiences.
  • Suggested Resources that lists relevant websites, books, articles, and video links for further study.
  • Applied Experiences Appendix outlines the internship process and shows how the internship experience can be meaningful and useful, and a Consuming Research Appendix that focuses on what it means to be a consumer of research, the knowledge and skills consumers need, and considerations for transitioning from a consumer of research to a producer of research.

Sustainable Development In Western China

RRP $309.99

China accounts for around one-eighth of the world's grassland and almost all of its grasslands are being degraded. The authors analyse how China is grappling with the complex ecological and livelihood problems these pastoral areas present. The sustainable development of these extremely poor, culturally sensitive, strategically important and extremely diverse western pastoral areas poses one of the foremost challenges confronting the Chinese government. This much-needed study provides a unique examination of the intricate web of policies and institutions that now impact on grassland degradation and sustainable development in China's pastoral region.Understanding this complex matrix and its impact on the management of people, livestock, grasslands, markets and industry structures is crucial in charting a way forward. The authors argue that the aim should be to manage these inter-locking complex systems in a manner that takes advantage of the opportunities that technology present to achieve sustainable use of the grasslands. Whilst their analysis is especially relevant to how China pursues the high priority national goal of 'Developing the West', it also reveals much about how China addresses other serious environmental problems that involve disadvantaged groups.With its multi-disciplinary approach, the book will be invaluable and fascinating reading for academics and researchers of Chinese studies, development studies, ecosystem sustainability and natural resource management. Based on extensive first-hand fieldwork in the grasslands over two decades, the practical detail in this book will also be warmly welcomed by consultants and officials in NGOs and other international agencies charged with planning and executing pastoral development projects in China, Central Asia and Mongolia.

Development And The Law

RRP $257.99

A gap has long existed between construction professionals (such as architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers, environmental consultants and others) and the property development process. The underlying development structures, expressed in terms of legal obligation and accountability, are all too little understood. This practical guide by a highly experienced lawyer identifies the role of the professional in its wider context, and looks beyond their relationship with their immediate employer. This encourages them to appreciate the concerns and interests of people such a joint venture partners, bankers, funders, landowners with an interest is the outcome, and tenants. The development professional needs to understand the pattern or web of relationships between a variety of principals, both in terms of contractual obligation and duty of care.

Lazy Saturday Webcomicking

RRP $12.99

Get started making webcomics! This book contains tips and tricks straight from the Kung Fu SpaceBarbarian blog! Learn how to get reviews, create press kits, create titles, and more! Visit for more tips and tricks!

Development-induced Displacement In India And China

RRP $246.99

The world seems to have recently discovered India and China as major players in Asia, and political and economic connections between the two countries are rapidly growing. Beyond the fashionable phenomenon, the two countries have much in common and many shared experiences. Both are developing countries with dynamic economies focused on lifting their people out of poverty. There are also differences as well, as India is a democracy while China is an autocratic state, and the speed of economic growth is much higher in India. This collection provides a comparative analysis of development-induced migration in India and China caused by urbanization and dam construction. The contributors include scholars from both countries working in both academia and consultancy positions.


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